7. Approval (Overview)


  • All planning applications are subject to a Board Site Meeting.


  • Prior to the meeting, the General Manager would have reviewed the service plans to ascertain if any underground services will affect the proposed extension. Whilst the Management Company hold service plans for the site, their accuracy cannot be relied on and the onus in checking what services are in the vicinity of the property firmly sits with the owner.  Plan measurements would have also been confirmed along with photographs taken for re-instatement purposes.


  • A Site Meeting for the Board of Directors to inspect the plans will be arranged as soon as possible following receipt of the plan.


  • If applicable the proposed extension will be pegged out for inspection by the Board and, if the plans indicate an alteration to the roof height, a staff indicating the same will be held up for the Board to carefully consider the possible effects on the views from adjacent chalets.


  • Generally, the Board will not favour proposals that would obstruct the views from adjacent chalets.


  • The Board will also take into consideration whether or not any application is ‘in keeping with’ the rest of the site from an aesthetics point of view.


  • The Board will be informed of any concerns or issues that have been noted initially with the plans.


  • If the plans are not approved, the Company will contact you within the following seven days with reasons for refusal. Whilst we do not have an appeal process, we are open to discussion to assist you in however we can with a view to re-submitting an alternative plan should you wish to do so.


  • If the plans are approved, the Board will sign and date the plan, and the process continues.



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