6.Exclusions & Miscellaneous


  • Extensions onto the 0.9144m (3 ft.) footpath will not be permitted. However, the Management Company will allow a 0.9144m (3 ft.) footpath to be constructed ‘where possible’ around any extension without the need to purchase further additional land. The footpath should be constructed from either concrete or slabs or left as grass. No other materials will be permitted.

    • Please note that in the Principal Conveyance, an extracted version of which is also within the TP1, it states that the footpath (0.9144m – 3 ft.) is conveyed to the owner. In essence this means that you own the footpath, but it is solely for the use as a footpath only.

    • When it comes to planning if you wish to increase the footprint of your property in line with the above* whether by cladding or an extension, you will be entitled to, subject to approval, re-instate a 0.9144m (3 ft.) footpath around the perimeter of the increased sized footprint.

  • As a general rule the following requests are not permitted:

    • Extend or build on top of the footpath (if applicable).

    • Patios (Although Verandas and Balconies will be considered if they are an extension of the existing property i.e. can be accessed from the internal chalet space. Verandas and Balconies must not be disproportionate in terms of aesthetics) We are guided by the building regulations and to standardise this area we require a height of 1.1m on all balustrading regardless of the height of fall from the floor of the decking/balconies to the ground.

    • Gardens, Hedges & Flower beds.

    • Fencing or Walls (Other than to address Health & Safety issues).

    • Two storey buildings. Nb. Buildings on slopes with underground voids are only to be used as storage. No habitable rooms are to be created. Doors to the void area must be solid (i.e. unglazed) and any windows that are permitted in the build shall be opaque.

    • Certain build materials that may not be in keeping with the aesthetics of the site.

    • Flagpoles.

    • Purchase of ‘land only’.


Guidance regarding building near public sewers


If you are planning a new development or extending an existing property, and believe these changes may be in close proximity to South West Water's public sewers or lateral drains, South West Water’s Development Planning Team can help. South West Water will need to know about any proposed building work over or within three metres of a public sewer or lateral drain. They will identify if your proposal will be affected by the presence of their apparatus and work with you to find a way to resolve any issues that may arise.


It is highly recommended that you contact South West Water in the early stages of planning regarding your proposals.  The Council if aware of your development are obliged to inform South West Water of your proposals; however, it may be good practice to contact them regardless.  Your builder and/or architect should be able to advise you further.  The onus to contact South West Water, via the Council or not, rests with you and not the Management Company.


Please note that the granting of planning permission or building regulation approval does not give consent or permission to carry out construction works either over or close to South West Water apparatus, you will need consent from South West Water direct as well as noted above.


   South West Water will not permit:

  • Building over or in close proximity to water mains or sewer rising mains.

  • Building over or in close proximity to existing sewers on new development or redevelopment sites.





  • Working outside for the completion of internal changes should not interfere with neighbouring chalets and any waste product, materials and tools must not be left outside at any time.

  • Solar panel installations will be considered.

  • Installation of aerials, satellite dishes and communication masts will be subject to Board approval.

  • Picnic Benches, whilst permitted, will need to be discussed with the General Manager with regards their placement. Please note that you must be appropriately insured to have a picnic bench on site, and you will be required to sign an indemnity form before proceeding.

  • Installing a phone/broadband line to your property will require the line provider to issue the Management Company with a Wayleave agreement and with the Board approving such before any work commences.

  • Washing Lines (rotary or otherwise) will need approval from the General Manager in the first instance. Lines must be within 2.438 meters (8 ft.) of the said property.

  • Standard benches will be permitted without permission if sited on your 0.9144m (3 ft.) footpath.

  • Storage boxes will not be allowed.










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