1. Overview


When it comes to considering external work on your property we strongly suggest that you contact the General Manager prior to commencing any work however small and insignificant you may feel the work to be. By discussing your initial thoughts with the General Manager this will help iron out any concerns at the early stages, and if you then decide to proceed, it will aid the ongoing process.


This document has been produced to give you an overview of the planning process. It is not exhaustive and by no means constitutes acceptance and approval of any such building work by complying with the content set out below.


Formally speaking, it is a requirement that you inform us under item G of the Covenants and Stipulations which states:


'Not to make any alteration or addition to any bungalow or chalet erected on the said Plot without prior written consent of the Company'  

As contained in the Fourth Schedule of the Conveyance


However, in practical terms by informing the Management Company of your intent to carry out work we will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not certain stipulations apply i.e. the timeframe in which you are allowed to do such work or indeed whether or not you need to sign a Construction Minimum Safety Standards Form.


The rules that support any proposed building work, including notifying the Management Company of your intent, are there not only to protect you in terms of health and safety, but also to protect other users on the site ensuring that everyone has a pleasurable and safe experience whilst staying with us.


Please note: For any work you intend to carry out to your property, Cornwall Council's planning and building regulations still apply. It is your responsibility to contact the Council in this respect. All planning applications made to the Council will be in the public domain, with letters sent to the ‘nearest’ properties to the applicant’s property and posters being displayed in the local vicinity. These applications can be viewed, and comments made on the Council’s website Planning Register pages.


We would like to take this opportunity to re-iterate that all amenity land surrounding the chalets is the property of the Management Company until such time as it is purchased as part of a planning application, and therefore any changes to such including mowing, planting of flowers etc., and placing of picnic tables will have to be discussed with the General Manager prior to any such changes being initiated. By doing so this will eradicate any confusion around land ownership on our site which could lead to health and safety hazards and subsequent unnecessary liability claims.


The only exception to this rule would relate to the maintenance of the verge around your chalet which under the covenants and stipulations as contained in the fourth schedule of the conveyance states: 'to keep or caused to be kept the verge (if any) in front, at the sides and back of the plot hereby conveyed, trimmed and well mown'.


Please note that if you are intending to purchase a property the Board are happy to review and consider outline planning applications. However, there will be a non-returnable fee per application for this service of £50 + VAT.


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