3. Pre – Planning & Timescales


What is the difference between building work and maintenance?


Whilst these procedures focus on building work, we need to make it clear what constitutes Building Work and equally Maintenance.


As you may be aware, subject to approval, there are two differing time frames when you are allowed to carry out work on your property;



  • Building work – which is allowed from the 1st November until the Friday before Good Friday or 1st April whichever is the earliest (This runs in line with the closed and open season for the site). Broadly speaking (although not exhaustive) this type of work includes extensions, re-builds and any alteration or addition to your property. Under item G of the Covenants and Stipulations which states 'Not to make any alteration or addition to any bungalow or chalet erected on the said Plot without prior written consent of the Company' it is a requirement that you inform us of any proposed work.


  • Maintenance - 1st October until seven days before the Whitsun Bank Holiday at the end of May. These tasks mainly cover painting and small repair jobs.


If you are uncertain of, or have any queries on, the above definitions the General Manager will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have with regards to any proposed works.


If you have to repair your property in an emergency, or on the grounds of Health and Safety, please could you advise the General Manager accordingly, if not at least to make him aware of work being carried out on your property / site.




  • Our advice is to plan well in advance of any works being organised.


  • Please note that if purchasing land, the legal process can take at least 12 weeks from being issued with a Building Work Permit to the sale of land completion. Equally Cornwall County planning can take around 6 weeks.


  • Any extension or rebuild work (including re-instatement) will need to be carried out and completed, between the 1st November to 1st April or the Friday before Good Friday whichever is the earlier.











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