2. Process - Summary


  1. Receipt of plans into the Management Company.

  2. The dimensions are checked and plans scrutinised for discrepancies.

  3. Service plans are considered and photographs taken of the existing property.

  4. Site Meeting arranged for the Board to inspect the proposed works.

  5. If plans are not approved, we will contact you within the following seven days with reasons for refusal. Whilst we do not have an appeal process, we are open to discussion to assist you in however we can with a view to re-submitting an alternative plan should you wish to do so.

  6. If the plans are approved, the Board will sign and date the plan, and the process continues.

  7. The Management Company will require details of your builder. The builder will need to make contact with the General Manager prior to commencing any work.

  8. You will be issued with a Construction Minimum Safety Standards Form.

  9. Receipt of signed Construction Minimum Safety Standards Form into office.

  10. Receipt of £500 deposit for works.

  11. Issue of a Building Work Permit by the Management Company with an Indemnity Form to be signed. The BWP will stipulate that you must complete all of the Works contained in your detailed plans within 24 months of the date of completion of your purchase *(subject to the restriction that no building work to be carried out between the Friday before Good Friday or the 1st April whichever is the earlier until the 31st October each year), and if the Works are not completed within 24 months then this permission will automatically determine.

  12. The works must not leave ‘unfinished sites’ with work suspended for a letting season.

  13. Cornwall County Council Planning/Building Regulations application (the precise timing of this is a matter for you). Note: The Building Inspector will also visit the property and inspect the works.

  14. Indemnity Form received. NB: No work will be allowed until this is received.

  15. Purchase of additional land completed (if applicable).

  16. Building work can commence.

  17. Visits from the General Manager to check various stages of the building conform to plan and that the Construction Minimum Safety Standards are adhered to. Failure to comply with any of these requirements may result in the job being shut down and the HSE informed.

  18. All building work must be completed by the timeframe indicated above* and when the works have been completed the Management Company will ensure re-instatement is carried out to our satisfaction. 

  19. Finally, the General Manager will measure around the outside walls to confirm build is in accordance with approved plans and Building Work Permit and will endorse the plan with dates of inspections carried out. Any errors found must be corrected.











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