5. Submitting Plans


Prior to a formal application to the Management Company, it would be beneficial to produce a simple drawing of your proposed plans for discussion with the General Manager. This will enable the General Manager to offer assistance and guidance about the details and procedures necessary for each specific application. This informal meeting is again designed to enable a smoother application process for you.


If you then wish to proceed, full plans must be submitted to the Management Company and include the following:


  • Plans drawn to following scale:

    • 1 to 100 for elevations

    • 1 to 50 for a floor plan. 

    • 1 to 500 for a Transfer Plan (Location plan for Land Registry purposes)

  • Plans should include full details of existing and proposed elevations and plans; measurements should be in metric and imperial to four significant figures, and include the overall dimensions and total square metres/feet when measured around the outside walls, including any exterior cladding.

  • The plans must contain enough information to enable the Board of Directors to decide on the feasibility of the application.

  • External finishes and colours must be included.  

  • Measurements from chalet to closest adjacent chalets are required for existing and proposed plans. Please note that no part of the proposed extension should fall within 3.658 metres (12 ft.) of any neighbouring chalet.

  • If applicable the existing roof height and a fixed datum point must be shown with measurements indicating the extent of the proposed roof height and floor level.

  • If considering a new roof (other than a flat roof) the Board favour Hip roofs rather than ‘traditional’ pitched roofs to keep the height of a roof to minimum, and subsequently minimising the impact on neighbouring properties. This however will not affect your application.

  • Please include the North Point on all drawings. 


We strongly recommend that professional plans are submitted. If in doubt, please contact the General Manager.


Square footage permitted*:


  • Any extension/rebuild must not increase the total footprint of the chalet to more than 63.17 Sq. M (680 Sq. ft.).

  • This includes any exterior finishes i.e. cladding or render.

  • The total square footage does not include the 0.9144m (3 ft.) footpath around the chalet.

  • The extent of the land currently owned by the chalet owner is the footprint of the existing chalet. The only exceptions being:

    • If the owner has already had plans approved, purchased the land and not carried out the work.

    • The owner has the freehold reversion of an old 99-year lease plot.


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